Modernising our marketing

Technology is playing an ever-increasing and important role in the auction process and the gathering of market intelligence.  This coupled with our desire to provide the best possible user experience for buyers, sellers and third parties involved in the auction process has led to a few changes this year.

Demand for our printed catalogues has declined significantly in recent years and our statistics show the majority of prospective buyers choose to browse online before the hard copy catalogue is published.  Our website was therefore the obvious place to start in seeking to improve the user journey.

This has resulted in a cleaner and more modern looking website, incorporating bigger photos, enhanced functionality and new features such as the ability to seamlessly create and save searches across both our commercial and residential catalogues, and add comments and notes to specific lots.  In the four months following its launch in mid-April nearly 300,000 users have accessed it, 11% of which were based overseas highlighting our global reach. 

To further improve accessibility to our catalogues, we released an App to accompany the new web site and are the only Auctioneer to do so.  It is essentially a catalogue which fits in your pocket with the ability to view both our commercial and residential catalogues on and offline, download legal documents, check guide prices, and view addendum updates and live auction results on the day. Encouragingly it appears to have been embraced quickly with almost 3,000 downloads to date.  Moreover, with almost 50% of all our online traffic for the past two auctions emanating from mobiles and tablets, we expect its popularity to grow.

Whilst the printed catalogue is not as popular as it once was, there is clearly still a demand for it and so we have taken the opportunity to redesign it in a more concise and portable format, in keeping with the new look of our website.